“Music with Jackie is the highlight of our week! I love the fact that we sing original songs and that we are accompanied by real music (Jackie with her wonderful voice and guitar) rather than a backing tape. ”

“Thank you very much for four years of wonderful music classes and friendship which I and our children have greatly enjoyed. I think your classes are varied, inclusive, fun, educational, age appropriate and well structured (and I have degrees in both music and education so I should know!)”

“I have no doubt that this class has helped my daughter’s confidence, language development and co-ordination – turn taking, sharing and being nice to each other is all encouraged.  The cup of tea and blether after the class is also a wonderful way to meet new mums and catch up with the lovely friends you make from coming along.”

“Thank you for bringing 4 years of musical sunshine to me, my Mummy and my Daddy. Your classes have been wonderful. Your songs and games have become part of our lives and will stay with us as I grow up. Keep on singing and strumming.”

“Thank you for all the lovely memories and especially the songs .It’s been so good to extend our repertoire each week while gaining so much friendship, support and fun. Your class has honestly been our favourite hour of the week”

“The fact that I have a huge repertoire of songs has saved me from many a meltdown and it’s lovely to be able to teach friends and family sweet, different and entertaining tunes.”

“Thank you so much for all your fun music classes over the years – I think we started when Clara was about 4 months so you are our longest running class all together. She’s learned so much and always in a lovely and fun atmosphere. It’s a bit of an end of an era and I will really miss Thursday morning classes with you.”

“We love your class and we love you! Thank you for being a great teacher and a lovely person.”